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Smile API to debut Fintech podcast on September 9 addressing credit scoring challenges

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Smile API will launch its pilot Fintech podcast on September 9 addressing the challenges in credit scoring that burden banks and other financial institutions.
Led by Smile CEO Jerome Eger, the debut episode will stream at 5 PM on YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, and LinkedIn participated in by Aian Guanzon, the business head of Global Dominion Financing, Inc. (GDFI).
The Smile API Podcast shall be a series of episodes that will feature experts and talents in fintech, banking, and credit risk management providing perspectives on digital banking, the open finance era, alternative data, and much more!
In the pilot episode, viewers will have the opportunity to learn about effective credit scoring solutions. They are designed to help lenders make the right lending decisions by having not only reliable but more importantly relevant information on loan applicants and potential customers.
For many lending companies, credit scoring could be tedious especially if done through traditional sources of credit data like credit scores, black lists, or manually submitted documents.
Thankfully today, advancements in information infrastructure have made it possible to make credit risk assessment faster and with more meaning and value through access to alternative data. They involve a wide variety of information like identity, employment, income data, and government transactions to name a few.
Other topics included in the pilot episode are KYC or Know Your Customer processes, dependence on digital mobile and online payments, open finance framework in the Philippines, as well as a beneficial use of income data.
About Smile
Smile believes that access to your own data is a basic right. They provide employment data across different employment platforms and employers, all through a single API for credit decisions and loan underwriting. Unlike traditional sources of credit data like credit scores, black lists, or manually submitted documents, Smile provides greater coverage, real-time access, and the most recent, comprehensive, verified, data about your users' identity, employment, and income that is available in the market today. Lenders can make better decisions, increase adoption and conversion, reduce cost, and lower risk through Smile API.
About GDFI
“We are a financial institution helping Filipinos achieve their goals through easy and affordable loan products and services. We have been championing innovative loan facilities to cater to the changing needs of our customers, whether for car purchases, business capital, tuition fee, home improvement, or even emergency and medical expenses, with easily manageable interest rates and convenient payment options.
For more than a decade we have been the leading financial services provider to various sectors including OFWs, professionals, business owners, and executives, offering tailor-fit cash loans and financial services. With more than 78 branches nationwide, we are highly equipped to serve you, wherever you are.”
About Jerome Eger
Jerome Eger is the CEO of Smile API which was launched in May 2020. Their team aims to cover all of Asia by giving workers greater access to financial services by facilitating the easy sharing of their employment and income data.
About Aian Guanzon
Aian Guanzon is a nurse with a bachelor in nursing (BSN) degree from the Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), the current head of business development in Global Dominion Financing, Inc. (GDFI) with a master's in applied business economics (MABE) degree from the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P), and currently completing the master of marketing communications (MMC) program at the De La Salle University (DLSU). He is also a certified transformational coach (CTC).
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GDFI website
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