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The Smile API Podcast Features Kwik.Insure Co-Founder Gani Cuyugan on Financial Inclusion and the Future of Insurance

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The Smile API Podcast recently featured Gani Cuyugan, the Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer of In this episode, Jerome Eger, CEO of Smile API, sat down with Cuyugan to discuss the future of the insurance industry and's unique approach to financial inclusion.
As the first and only locally founded insurtech company in the Philippines,'s mission is to accelerate insurance inclusion through technology and product design, catering to the different needs of all Filipinos. With a passion for serving the underserved, Cuyugan shared his insights on how is changing the game in the insurance industry by making insurance accessible to everyone.
During the podcast, Cuyugan discussed his years of experience in the insurance industry. Cuyugan shared how these experiences helped shape his vision for and how the company's innovative approach is making a difference in the industry.'s unique approach to making insurance accessible to everyone through technology and product design is truly inspiring, and we are excited to see how they will continue to shape the industry.
To listen to the full episode of The Smile API Podcast featuring Gani Cuyugan, visit our #TheSmileAPIPodcast on Spotify and YouTube!
Smile believes that access to your own data is a basic right. They provide employment data across different employment platforms and employers, all through a single API for credit decisions and loan underwriting. Unlike traditional sources of credit data like credit scores, black lists, or manually submitted documents, Smile provides greater coverage, real-time access, and the most recent, comprehensive, verified, data about your users' identity, employment, and income that is available in the market today. Lenders can make better decisions, increase adoption and conversion, reduce cost, and lower risk through Smile API.
About is the first and only locally founded insurtech company in the Philippines. Through it’s insurance online marketplace and partnerships with other companies both online and offline, it’s mission is to accelerate the insurance inclusion in the Philippines. It aims to make insurance available to everyone through technology and product design, catering to the different needs of all Filipinos.
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