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What is an API?

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What is an API and how does it work? Watch below video as our CPO, Jan Pabellon explains what APIs are and how they work in an excerpt from a Webinar we held last November 18, 2021 on how customers can get started with Smile API. Find out more about APIs and how they work by joining us in our next Webinar!
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For many people, not having a bank account is normal, but not having a job is less of an option. Newly created jobs during the pandemic have the property to be mostly digitally documented, enabled, and even executed, which makes t...
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The adoption of APIs has not only improved efficiency and reduced cost, but has also created new innovative business models and user experiences—especially in the world of banking and finance. But more importantly, it also promise...
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Our CEO, Jerome Eger explains what Smile API is, what problems Smile helps solve for our clients, and how we are different from other solutions out there for KYC, Verification or traditional Credit Scoring....
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