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Transforming HR Processes through Technology in the Philippines

Insights, Published August 16, 2023
Smile’s insights on this paper offer a comprehensive overview of the power of technology in HR.

Smile Joins Prestigious Google for Startups Cloud Academy APAC Program

Milestones, Published June 30, 2023
Accelerating Innovation in Open Finance and Open Data in SE Asia

BillEase teams up with Smile API to elevate in-app employment verification

Press Releases, Published June 26, 2023
In a compelling development in the fintech industry, a top-rated consumer finance app, BillEase has announced a strategic partnership with Smile API an innovative leader in employment verification solutions.

Smile API Podcast: Ian Madrid of SP Madrid

Podcasts, Published June 22, 2023
Building a Successful Collection Company in the Philippines

Smile Technology Joins Fintech Revolution Summit 2023

Milestones, Published June 2, 2023
Smile showcased its solution at the Fintech Revolution Summit 2023, which brought together fintech leaders, FSI experts, and industry professionals from the Asia Pacific Region to explore trends and investment opportunities in the finance sector.

Smile API: Transforming Credit Assessment at CMAP’s 41st National Credit Congress

Milestones, Published May 19, 2023
Smile was a sponsor of the The Credit Management Association of the Philippines (CMAP) when they recently celebrated its 41st National Credit Congress, coinciding with its 91st founding anniversary.

Smile API Emerges as First Runner-Up at SaaScon PH's Impact '23 Accelerator Program

Milestones, Published May 12, 2023
Smile was the first runner-up at SaaScon PH 2023, which served as a great platform for the company to connect with industry leaders, share ideas, and learn about the latest trends and innovations in the SaaS space.

Smile API Podcast: Jem Chua of MetaCare

Podcasts, Published April 24, 2023
Addressing the Healthcare Needs of Gig Workers

How digital solutions can reduce the effort in employment background checks

Insights, Published March 24, 2023
Digital solutions have revolutionized the employment background check process by automating the process, reducing errors, and improving efficiency, accuracy, and compliance, ultimately making the hiring process faster, easier, and more reliable for both employers and candidates.

Smile API Podcast: Jove Tapiador of GoodTech

Podcasts, Published March 17, 2023
Fintech Challenges and Opportunities in the Philippines

How technology can enable more rapid credit decisioning and less risky loan underwriting

Insights, Published March 2, 2023
Technology can help companies in credit decisioning and loan underwriting, resulting in faster and more accurate decisions while minimizing the risk of bad loan decisions.

Uncovering Common Misconceptions About APIs

Insights, Published February 27, 2023
APIs have become an increasingly important part of the modern technology landscape, enabling businesses to share and integrate data across disparate systems and applications. By addressing these misconceptions and understanding the true potential of APIs, businesses can unlock new opportunities for innovation, automation, and growth.