BillEase teams up with Smile API to elevate in-app employment verification

In a compelling development in the fintech industry, a top-rated consumer finance app, BillEase has announced a strategic partnership with Smile API an innovative leader in employment verification solutions.

Manila, Philippines, June 26, 2023 – In a compelling development in the fintech industry, the top-rated consumer finance app, BillEase, has announced a strategic partnership with Smile API, an innovative leader in employment verification solutions.

This partnership is set to revolutionize the way consumers sync their employment data, enhancing the overall user experience and financial data security.

In consumer finance, verification is critical not just for customers, but also for the businesses involved. For customers, a fast and reliable employment verification process provides quicker access to credit facilities, fostering financial empowerment. Customers will no longer have to endure long waiting periods for verification, which often result in delayed access to much-needed funds. With this innovative integration, the turnaround time for loan approvals will be significantly decreased, offering customers a smoother and more efficient financial journey.

BillEase offers customers a range of financial services such as personal loans, e-wallet top-ups, prepaid load, gaming credits, bills payment, and a customizable "shop now, pay later" option for online and in-store shopping with over 3,000+ merchant partners in electronics, home essentials, health and wellness, education, food, fashion, and other sectors. All these services require employment data verification and limit review processes.

Prior to this integration with Smile API, the average employment verification process using the BillEase app took hours to complete. This ground-breaking integration is expected to reduce the verification time to 5 minutes, eliminating the conventional hurdles faced by consumers while ensuring faster and more efficient data handling.

BillEase's CEO, Georg Steiger, stated, "At BillEase, we are committed to continuously enhancing the user experience and empowering our customers with the best possible financial solutions. Our partnership with Smile API aligns perfectly with this vision, as it allows us to streamline the employment verification process within our app, providing faster and more efficient access to credit. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to innovation and positions BillEase as a trailblazer in the consumer finance industry."

Jerome Eger, Smile API's CEO, added, "We are delighted to join forces with BillEase to transform the way employment verification is conducted in the fintech sector. By leveraging Smile API's cutting-edge technology, BillEase users will experience a significant reduction in verification time, enabling them to access their finances seamlessly. We look forward to working closely with BillEase to revolutionize the user experience and set new industry standards."

About BillEase:
BillEase is a top-rated consumer finance app in the Philippines, with a focus on expanding access for mass and emerging middle-income consumers. We are a product-focused fintech company leveraging machine learning technology to build financial products and global best practices in credit underwriting to meet the needs of unbanked customers in Southeast Asia. Our customers have access to a consumer-first finance app that is delightful to use and offers competitive interest rates and merchant deals. For more information, visit

About Smile API:
Smile provides end-user-authorized access to valuable employment and income data from HR, payroll, and more. The Smile API helps fintech lenders make better credit decisions, as well as aiding background checkers and employers in hiring faster and more effectively. For more information, visit