Product Update: Q2 2023

In this blog post, we will briefly discuss what Smile Checks is and its benefits, and then delve into the exciting new features and enhancements that will revolutionize your hiring and onboarding process.

Hiring the right talent is crucial for the success of any organization. To ensure efficient and reliable employment verification, Smile API is proud to introduce the latest updates to its Employment Verification services, Smile Checks.

In this blog post, we will briefly discuss what Smile Checks is and its benefits, and then delve into the exciting new features and enhancements that will revolutionize your hiring and onboarding process.

Smile Checks: Simplifying Employment Verification

Smile Checks, powered by Smile API, is an innovative solution that streamlines the process of verifying employment history, enabling companies to make smarter hiring decisions.

By providing user-authorized access to recent, comprehensive, and verified employment data from multiple sources, Smile Checks offers a centralized platform for accurate and efficient employment verification.

Without further ado, let's get started on what's new this quarter:

Enhanced Branding and Security

Better branding and personalization options

To ensure candidates feel confident in sharing their data, Smile Checks now offers improved email invitations and landing pages with your company's logo.

This branding enhancement instills trust, increases click-through rates, and maintains consistent branding throughout the employee hiring and onboarding process. Candidates can rest assured that their data is safe with you.

Advanced Process Tracking

Tracking the progress of candidates through the background check process is now easier than ever. Smile Checks has expanded the available statuses from two to six, including Invited, Email Opened, Landing Page Opened, Wink Widget Opened, Linked, and Revoked.

With this detailed process flow, you can effortlessly monitor and stay updated on each candidate's journey.

Personalized and Informative Invitations

Recognizing the importance of personalization, Smile Checks has raised the invitation email and body length from 500 to 5,000 characters.

This significant increase provides ample space to tailor your invitations, personalize messages, and encourage candidates to take the next steps. Leverage this opportunity to provide additional information and establish effective communication channels.

Comprehensive Onboarding Flow

New onboarding flow to assist candidates

Smile Checks now offers a new onboarding flow that allows you to collect additional information about candidates beyond employment verification.

You can easily gather educational attainment and other relevant details, enabling seamless matching and verification against verified sources via Smile. This comprehensive approach saves time and ensures a thorough assessment of candidates.

Expanded Coverage and Verification Capabilities

More data sources available

To cater to diverse needs, Smile Checks has expanded its data coverage, from more data from existing sources as well as adding more data sources altogether.

Employers can now verify more Government Loans with My.SSS and Virtual Pag-IBIG, facilitating seamless verification and accurate deduction calculations for new hires. Previously a pain point for many HR practitioners, now you can easily check for ongoing loans and make sure you remit the correct amount to the government.

Additionally, Smile API has established a direct interface with the Supreme Court of the Philippines to verify lawyer credentials automatically, simplifying the verification process with no candidate login required.

Furthermore, employers can now request Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) or those with a documented history of working overseas to verify their information using their OWWA membership. Connecting the OWWA Mobile App account allows access to verified identity information and details of their last overseas posting or employment.

Stay Tuned for the Future of Smile Checks

At Smile API, we are continuously working on enhancing Smile Checks to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Stay tuned for future updates and exciting features as we strive to make employment verification even more seamless, efficient, and reliable.

If you are interested in improving your hiring and onboarding process with Smile Checks, we invite you to contact us at Smile API. Our team is ready to assist you in leveraging the power of employment data for smarter decisions. Discover how Smile Checks can transform your employment verification process and unlock new opportunities for your organization.

We look forward to helping you build a stronger and more efficient workforce with Smile Checks!