Smile API Wins Most Innovative Startup at KMC Awards 2023

Smile API clinched the Gold Prize for Most Innovative Startup of the Year at the KMC Solutions Startup Awards Night held last November 24, 2023, at KMC One Ayala, Makati City.

Smile API winds the Most Innovative Startup Award

Financial technology frontrunner, Smile API, clinched the prestigious Gold Prize for Most Innovative Startup of the Year at the KMC Solutions Startup Awards held last November 24, in Makati City, Philippines. This accolade underscores Smile API's groundbreaking efforts to enhance financial access throughout Asia, starting with the Philippines.

The KMC Startup Awards spotlight companies that are trailblazing in their respective industries. For Smile API, this recognition validates its innovative approach to addressing financial exclusion, a critical issue affecting over 1.7 billion adults globally.

Smile API is on a mission to transform the landscape by enabling underbanked groups to securely share their financial information with lenders. Through integration with income statements, payroll systems, and other sources, Smile API provides real-time verified profiles. This empowers lenders to make informed decisions and extend financial services to underserved communities.

Jerome Eger, CEO of Smile API, expressed his excitement about winning the award, stating, "This recognition endorses our team's innovative thinking and technological approach to driving financial inclusion. We are honored that our work to expand economic access through secure data sharing is being celebrated."

Eger emphasized the enormity of the financial exclusion problem in Asia and noted, "Winning Most Innovative Startup tells us we are on the right path in using technology to increase access to loans, savings, insurance, and other essential financial services."

Most Innovative Startup Award Trophy

The KMC Startup Awards, co-presented annually by Bossjob, aim to recognize excellence and innovation among Philippine startups. The event serves as a platform for trailblazing startups like Smile API to gain exposure, credibility, and valuable connections with potential investors and partners.

For Smile API, being named Most Innovative Startup is a testament to its technological prowess and social impact. This award comes as a resounding endorsement of the company's commitment to driving positive change in the financial sector.

As Smile API joins the ranks of exemplary startups recognized for excellence, it acknowledges the KMC Startup Awards as a pivotal moment. The recognition received will undoubtedly fuel Smile API's commitment to innovation and growth, furthering its mission to provide accessible financial services across Asia.

Smile API expresses gratitude for the opportunity to showcase its work in expanding financial inclusion before esteemed judges and peers within the dynamic Philippine startup ecosystem. The Most Innovative Startup award at KMC Startup Awards 2023 marks a significant milestone in Smile API's journey to empower millions with economic access and mobility.

Looking ahead, Smile API is eager to continue disrupting the financial services landscape through cutting-edge technology and an unwavering vision. The KMC Startup Awards 2023 stand as a testament to Smile API's dedication to making a lasting impact on the financial well-being of communities across Asia.