Introducing Smile Checks' New Pricing Model: Tailored to Your Needs

Here at Smile Checks, our goal is make background checks and pre-employment checks as fast and painless as possible. To make that possible, we've rolled out a few new changes that impacts our Smile Checks Portal and pricing structure. We believe this will greatly enhance your experience and productivity when it comes to background checks.

Simplified Individual Purchases

The days of locking into bulk purchases are over. Previously, our most basic and cost-efficient check comprised of our Identity and Employment check, coupled with and NBI Clearance check and Reference check, in order to provide you with the most cost-efficient market standard background check. However, if you don't require one or two of these bundled checks, you're locked into this bundle in order to enjoy the greatest savings.

Now, you have pick and choose exactly the checks you need. You can still enjoy the great saving and time-saving benefits of our Bundles, but if you need to pick and choose exactly the check you need, you can do so. This means you can enjoy a more cost-effective way to screen candidates, without unnecessary commitments.

Each position you hire for is unique, and now, so is the way you can screen for it. Select only the background check reports you require, and leave out the rest. This a la carte approach ensures you're not paying for information you don't need.

Credits That Work for You

If you prefer planning ahead, our credits system is still in place and will give you the best bang for your buck, up to 50% discount on our background checks. Purchase credits anytime, and use them for any type of check later on. They're your go-to resource, always available and with no expiration date. It's flexibility and peace of mind in one package.

If you need to get that background check done, but don't have the budget to purchase credits in bulk just yet, no problem. You can choose exactly the checks you need and pay for it ala carte, instantly. No more waiting for budgets to be approved!

Streamlined Portal Transactions

We've upgraded our Portal to make purchasing checks and credits more straightforward. Get what you need instantly without waiting for an invoice – it's efficiency at its best. Pay via e-wallets or direct debit for quickest confirmation. More payment options will be available soon.

Smooth Transition for Current Customers

For our valued existing customers, we're ensuring a seamless changeover. Any checks you've previously purchased will be converted into credits within the new system, providing uninterrupted service. You'll be able to use the new credit system immediately.

Our goal with this new pricing model is to give you more control and better value, without complicating the process.

Smile Checks is here to facilitate your hiring efforts with a system designed around your individual needs. 

Book a demo with us to learn more about our pricing structure and how Smile Checks works: