Smile API Expands Data Sources

Unlocking New Use Cases for Employment and Credentials Validation

In today's fast-paced world, businesses need reliable and efficient tools to make informed decisions, particularly when it comes to employment and professional credentials validation. Smile API, Asia's trusted source for employment data, has exciting news to share. We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our data sources, enabling our users to validate not only employment history and income but also licensed professional credentials and certifications. This expansion opens up new possibilities for pre-employment screening and professional credentials validation, transforming the hiring process into a digital and instant experience.

Validating Licensed Professional Credentials

One of the remarkable additions to Smile's data sources is the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC). Now, users can seamlessly validate licensed professional credentials such as CPAs, Architects, Engineers, Nurses, and Doctors with the PRC. This new capability provides employers with invaluable insights into a candidate's professional qualifications, ensuring they are hiring individuals with the necessary expertise and certifications.

Verifying Lawyers with the Philippine Supreme Court

We understand the significance of legal professionals in various industries. With Smile's expanded data sources, employers can now validate the credentials of Lawyers with the Philippine Supreme Court. This capability streamlines the hiring process for legal positions, enabling businesses to confirm the authenticity and legitimacy of a candidate's legal qualifications promptly. By harnessing Smile's services, companies can make more informed decisions and reduce the risk associated with hiring lawyers.

Professional Certifications Validation with Credly

In today's competitive job market, professional certifications play a crucial role in determining an individual's expertise and proficiency. Smile API now integrates with Credly, a renowned platform for internationally recognized certifications such as Microsoft, Oracle, AWS, and more. With this integration, employers can effortlessly validate a candidate's professional certifications, ensuring they possess the skills required for specific roles. This advancement greatly benefits companies seeking to hire candidates with verified expertise and accelerates the hiring process significantly.

Unlocking New Use Cases

The expansion of Smile's data sources brings forth a host of new use cases for businesses across industries. Pre-employment screening can now be conducted comprehensively and efficiently, thanks to the ability to validate employment history, income, licensed professional credentials, and professional certifications. This digital and instant process saves valuable time and resources, allowing companies to make faster and more effective hiring decisions.

Benefits of Smile's Expanded Data Sources

  • Enhanced Hiring Decisions: With comprehensive and validated data on employment history, income, and professional credentials, employers can confidently select the most qualified candidates for their organizations.

  • Time and Resource Savings: The digital and instant process provided by Smile API eliminates the need for lengthy manual verifications, saving businesses valuable time and resources.

  • Risk Mitigation: By validating licensed professional credentials and certifications, employers can minimize the risk of hiring individuals who misrepresent their qualifications, protecting their organizations from potential legal and financial consequences.

Smile API's expansion of data sources to include licensed professional credentials from the Philippine Regulatory Commission, Lawyers' credentials from the Philippine Supreme Court, and professional certifications from Credly is a significant milestone for the industry. These additions unlock new use cases, particularly in pre-employment screening and professional credentials validation, empowering businesses to make informed hiring decisions quickly and efficiently. With Smile, the hiring process has been revolutionized, enabling companies to embrace a digital and instant approach, saving time, reducing risks, and ensuring the selection of the most qualified individuals for their teams.