Smile API Joins Provenir Marketplace to Enhance Credit Decision Making

Smile API partners with Provenir and joins its marketplace to provide its customers with access to Smile API's cutting-edge technology solutions for employment data.

Singapore, January 17, 2023 - Smile Technology Pte Ltd, a leading provider of employment and income data in Asia, announced today that it has joined the Provenir Marketplace.

The Provenir Data Marketplace is a one-stop hub that offers businesses worldwide easy access to various data sources for various needs, such as KYC, fraud, credit risk, identity verification, and more. Smile API provides customers easy access to a wide range of employment information from various sources through a single API. This information can be used for credit decisions and loan underwriting, which can help reduce nonperforming loans.

Through this partnership, Provenir users will now have access to Smile API's valuable employment and income data. Smile API's data is sourced from HR, payroll, commerce, and marketplace platforms, and is fully compliant with local data privacy regulations. Unlike traditional credit data sources, Smile API provides greater coverage, real-time access, and the most recent, comprehensive, verified data about a user's identity, employment, and income. By integrating Smile API's technology, businesses will have a more robust and detailed picture of a person's creditworthiness, allowing them to make more informed and accurate credit decisions.

"We are excited to be joining the Provenir Marketplace," said Jerome Eger, CEO of Smile Technology. "This partnership will allow us to expand our reach and provide our data to a wider range of financial services and fintech companies in the region."


About Smile API

Smile Technology Pte Ltd is one trusted source for employment data in Asia. Smile provides user-authorized access to valuable employment and income data from HR, payroll, commerce, and marketplace platforms through a single API. Banks, fintechs, recruitment agencies, and other service providers can leverage employment and income data to increase adoption and conversion and reduce cost and risk. Permission to access their personal data is given by each user to enable seamless data sharing with trusted parties.

About Provenir

Provenir offers a platform that utilizes AI to assist financial service providers in making faster and more informed decisions. The platform combines data, AI, and decision-making tools into one solution to enhance the customer experience, increase access to financial services, and improve overall business agility for organizations. Provenir’s platform is utilized by financial service providers in over 50 countries and processes billions of transactions annually.