Smile API Podcast: Ian Madrid of SP Madrid

Building a Successful Collection Company in the Philippines

The Smile API Podcast recently had the pleasure of hosting Ian Madrid, founder of SP Madrid, as he shared his inspiring journey from civil engineering to launching one of the largest collection companies in the Philippines. The podcast, hosted by our CEO Jerome Eger, dived deep into Madrid's philosophy of luck, humility, and a strong family foundation that underpins his business success.

Despite facing significant challenges in the initial years, where the company was barely breaking even, Madrid's unwavering belief in prioritizing employees has played a key role in their turnaround. During the podcast, Madrid and Eger delved into these initial struggles, the firm's decision-making process, and the importance of open communication within the organization.

Madrid firmly believes that SP Madrid's success is a testament to the company's commitment to human capital and the cultivation of a familial culture amongst its employees.

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